Welcome to the New Earth Mystery School

A warm welcome as a INITIATE of the

New Earth Mystery School



We are OVERJOYED to see you embark on this journey of self-exploration,  self-healing, and MASSIVE transformation.

This is you saying ‘YES’ to yourself. 

This is you saying ‘YES’ to your Soul’s evolution. 

This is you Saying ‘YES’ to your path of MASTERY! 


WELL DONE!!! Miracles await you. We are SO freakin’ excited to share with you the many teachings, energy attunements, and healings that have already started streaming in, in order to assist you with consistently shifting and up-leveling your life in powerful ways! You cannot put a price tag on your Ascension – this is PRICELESS! You should be very proud of yourself.  This is how change occurs – one step at a time. 


Your subscription is CONFIRMED as a SILVER MEMBER. Billing will happen each month on the date you registered, and you may cancel your subscription at any time, without penalty. You will have access to each of the sessions indefinitely while you are subscribed as a member of the New Earth Mystery School 💞


One of the many exciting privileges of being a member of N.E.M.S is that you will be part of the “EnS Discord N.E.M.S SoulFam Community!!”  Here you can connect, chat, even video-chat with other Starseeds and Lightworkers from EnS Soulfamily and support each other on your journey💞 Click here to join (for N.E.M.S members only): https://discord.gg/FtRBAfZVUs


We encourage you to check out our FAQ section. Let us know if you have any further questions by writing to us at info@ourmysteryschool.com. 


We have some super Powerful ONLINE offerings available. We *HIGHLY* recommend the 222 Portal Merkabah Repair/Activation AND the 07-07 Portal Merlin Excalibur Lightsword Activation. These are available for purchase @www.eldoraandsiman.love.


With All Our Love,

EldoRa & Siman ❤️

“May this investment you make in yourself, amplify by a thousand fold, your well-being, abundance, and highest joy. And so it is!”


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