Hello Beautiful Soul! ❤️

We are SO excited to meet you in Sacred Ceremony for the


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✨ 11:11 am to 1:44 EST ✨

Duration: 2.5 Hours

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This is an LIVE online event VIA Zoom Video Conference

This is a little taste of what the event will look like:

  • ✨ A Channeled Message: The significance of Lions Gate in
  • ✨ A Hathor Crystal Bowl Sound bath
  • ✨ Quantum energy healing
  • ✨ Starseed Frequency Attunements and Activations
  • ✨ Ascension Support: Live Q & A with the audience

Our intention for this event is to provide Ascension support & Energetic recalibration to Starseeds and Lightworkers from across the Globe to assist them in FULLY stepping into their Divine missions❤️

Here is the info you will need to connect to our ZOOM Teleconference:


Meeting ID: 819 3559 5468

Passcode: 273125

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early to test out your audio and video connection.

This Zoom link is for registered members only.  

For any of your friends who would like to join, they can do so by registering at ✨eldoraandsiman.love ✨

Preparing your CEREMONIAL Space

Setting up an Altar in the space from where you will be attending this event, is an optional step you can take to amplify the spiritual energies that you will receive. For setting up the altar, tune into your heart and ask your higher self to show you what sacred items need to be a part of your altar space. You can’t go wrong with this.

Below are some suggestions:

Smudge with sage or palo santo to cleanse the space

 Use a scarf or cloth to place items on

 To honor the Five Elements, you can place a crystal or stone for Earth; a feather or chime for Air; a candle or incense for Fire; a special bowl of spring water for Water; something in the center to represent Spirit

 You can also add flowers, essential oils, sacred herbs, and whatever your heart wants. ❤️

Preparing your Body:

A 3 day cleanse prior to the event is highly recommended and is going to take the experience to the next level for you. In this 3-day period, we recommend a clean diet with lots of veggies, fruits, clean water and advise you to completely avoid meat, alcohol, and dense food.

This process of dietary cleansing removes harmful toxins from your vessel and opens up your ‘Naadis’ (Pathways of light). The more cleansed you are the more light (Healing information) your body is able to receive.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

With Love,

EldoRa & Siman ❤️

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