Mastery Level 5d Soul Coaching

Live 5D Ascension Coaching Call & Q&A Session

Hello and a very warm welcome to our beautiful N.E.M.S members 🙂 So heart-warming to see you guys as the FIRST batch of initiates of the mystery school, walking your path of mastery, saying YES to your evolution above all else.


We have hundreds of spiritual seekers of all backgrounds, from all over the world, all-levels, enrolled into N.E.M.S, and such is the beauty of this school!! Due to its multi-dimensionality, we are literally able to work with you irrespective of what Octave of Consciousness you currently occupy as our team of guides and angels will work with you exactly where you are and help get you to the next Octave waiting to be unlocked by your Soul


We are STOKED to see you this Sunday, September 4th, at our very FIRST (of many!!!!) N.E.M.S event!!


We will be gathering on ZOOM Video Conference at 11:11 am EST/ 4:11 pm London time, for a LIVE Coaching Call and Ascension Q&A



Here is the info you will need to log in:
Meeting ID: 886 0376 1081
Passcode: 645666


Please arrive 15 minutes early to test your audio and video connection.



We will be bringing in your Guides and Channeling messages for you, LIVE, during the event.


We will kick things off with a ROOT CHAKRA healing that was downloaded into us SPECIFICALLY for this event by our angels, to provide you with some STABILITY in these intense times.


Audience members will be randomly selected on the spot to come on screen and receive MASTERY Level Soul Coaching and Guidance from Earth Guides, EldoRa & Siman.


We will be looking into your SOUL’s UNIQUE BLUEPRINT to identify the ROOT cause of recurring toxic patterns. This clarity alone will trigger a significant HEALING process for you that will leave you feeling lighter and vibrating higher.


Topics will vary based on what the audience needs most at this time and can range anywhere from:

✨How to unlock Abundance
✨How to find your Aligned Life Partner
✨Relationship coaching
✨How to manage the Dark Night of the Soul with Ease and Grace
✨How to thrive in 3D density


Looking forward to connecting with you (and your guides) in this transformational 5D Wonderland ❤️


With our love,
EldoRa & Siman